noun the diagnosis and treatment of patients in remote areas using medical information, as x-rays or television pictures, transmitted over long distances, especially by satellite.


Why Telemedicine?

If telemedicine hasn't revolutionized healthcare, it has certainly revamped it. It has extended providers' reach to areas where care might not be readily available, and allowed patients much-needed access.

48 rural hospitals had closed since 2010, and that 283 others were in danger of doing so, a result of declining populations in those areas, as well as a greater number of uninsured and elderly patients, an underuse of equipment and a dearth of specialty services.

A pioneer in inpatient telemedicine, we have devoted more than a decade to perfecting our telemedicine models of care, and adapting them to meet your changing needs. Whether you're a small rural hospital, a mid-sized facility or a large metropolitan hospital, our specialists can be "beamed-in" via two-way videoconferencing to fill staffing gaps and expand your specialist services.

Available Teleservices

Telemedicine Services Key Benefits

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